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The Issue | Part of the onboarding process is to make the user feel like it can be done quickly. Ideally, it can be done quickly. If it can’t be done quickly, break down the steps and offer a progress report.

Thing 1 -> Thing 2 -> Thing 3 -> Finished

At first glance, the image below offers encouraging language – “Your profile is almost complete!” On closer inspection, nothing has been added and we’re at 0/4 on the progress bar.

Psychologically, a couple of things happen at this point. First, site credibility takes a hit because this profile page is not being truthful or accurate, Second, the dissonance caused by the untruth makes the user pause and consider the time and effort resources needed to finished this profile.

Onboarding screen from an employment website.

If you’ve filled out an employment application before, you know that adding the amount of detailed information can quickly become tedious, overwhelming, or both.

While there may be no easy way for a job seeker to get around inputting information needed for a competitive profile, the onus is still on the employment website (if they want your business) to ensure a smooth process.

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