About Me

A little history...

I have been designing on paper and screen since I was very young. My favorite medium has always been a sheet of paper and a big box of crayons. When I figured out how to work a mouse, I started telling stories on screen using early MacDraw programs. Later I started using Adobe InDesign when it was still Aldus PageMaker.

In addition to design, I love working with kids and non-profits because I like seeing up close how everyday interactions can immediate and lasting impacts. I’ve been a Girl Scout troop leader, a classroom volunteer, and a camp counselor. Those experiences built my philosophy that making connections between people is the key to letting us all grow as individuals and as communities.

That’s my co-leader helping our Girl Scouts while they experiment with gravity.

I also like painting. I did this sign for our school’s fall carnival.

I studied journalism and french at the University of New Mexico. After working for the Girl Scouts of Northern California for a few years, I was accepted to study communication and information design at Carnegie Mellon University.

I currently live in San Jose (and am a third-time resident of California). I recently moved from New Mexico (where I was also a two-time resident). I have lived only once in Texas, Missouri, and Pennsylvania.

I have 3 guinea pigs (S’mores, Toasted Marshmallow, and Moonpie) and a dog. I love getting outside to hike and camp. I’m avid about fitness and enjoy weightlifting and frisbee.

Thank you for visiting!