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This project is a redesign of an app I used often as a Girl Scout parent volunteer. I came to dread using the app but had no alternative if I wanted to complete an action. In this case, it was taking credit card payments for cookie purchases.

No really. Using this app made me crazy.

The Girl Scout digital cookie app as designed to be a one-stop shop for volunteers and girls participating in the cookie sale. Users can check their stats, manage their contacts and make sales.

In theory, this approach would simplify a set of complex and confusing tasks for users who are not usually in the business of running a business. The problem begins with the apps approach to making a sale.

At this point, many vendors have figured out a one or two payment transaction. With this app, there are approximately 9 screens and 6 distinct steps to making a credit card.

9 screens and 6 distinct steps.

Here I was trying to visualize the order of operations. The app is only available to use during the cookie sale.

Next, evaluating user needs for a redesign…

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