First Take

I participated in a design challenge by Adobe XD in early 2018. The brief was to design an app (using XD, natch) introducing folks to the most creative spots in one’s city (country, locale, etc.). The brief also instructed participants to use one of three sets of designer icons.

Icon set I chose to use in my design

I chose Albuquerque, NM because it 1) was where we were living and 2) has a lot of natural beauty.

I had never designed an app before so I dove right in and started messing around. I approached the design like Jackson Pollock painting – made a huge art board and started throwing things on it. The result was… mildly satisfying.

The entire app laid out on the art board

I was working to deadline and the above was what I submitted. I was happy with several things including the color scheme, the fonts, and the tone. But I felt the app lacked pizzazz.

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