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Works-in-progress and UX/UI analysis

This blog is set to do a couple of things.

First it’s a diary of my UX projects in progress. While I’ve been job searching, I’ve also been working on some side projects to keep the tools in my UX kit sharp.


The first project sprung from an Adobe XD creative challenge in Jan. 2018. The challenge a provided a set of icons to be incorporated into an app designed to showcase the “most creative spots” in one’s city. I finished and entered the contest, (didn’t win, though) and a year later came back to revisit what I’d done and iterate on it.

This is a title

Digital Cookie

The second project is a redesign of an app I used often as a parent volunteer. I came to dread using the app but had no alternative if wanted to complete an action. In this case, it was taking credit card payments for cookie purchases.

Digital Cookie

The final part of this blog is a record of the good, the bad, and the ugly of UX and UI interactions in the wild. I like making a note of them so I know what is successful and what not to do in the future.

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