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Confusing confirmation boxes

Your user should be able to quickly understand what happened after they made a choice or completed an action. In this case, I updated some information. After I hit enter, this screen popped up. If I hadn’t recorded a screenshot of what I did, I would have no idea what happened. Let’s break it down:

  1. Account Summary – usually a place of credits, debits, and ending balances. No such thing here.
  2. The sequence of transactions indicates I started something, I cancelled something, and I completed something. It tells me something happened, just not what. I guess that, logically, cancelling something can be equal to completing something. But semantically it doesn’t make sense.

There’s a reason for this wild overuse of “transaction” – the window is just returning the field values from a database. There’s no real or purposeful UX happening; nobody said “this is what the user should see.” The result of the obscured information is a strong argument for deliberate design and attention to detail.

Also, could those drop shadows be any bigger?!

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