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Main Entry: 1sio·bhan
Pronunciation: sha-’vohn, ‘shive-”
Function: name
Nickname: sio

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I'm a graduate student in the Master's of Design program in Communication Planning and Information Design at Carnegie Mellon University. Previously I worked as a graphic designer for eight years, spending the last three and half as an in-house designer for the Girl Scouts of San Francisco Bay Area. My passions are information architecture and design.

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Sio Biography

Siobhan Hadley was born in late 1977 in Austin, Texas, the first child of a computer programmer and journalist. From a young age, Siobhan demonstrated a strong disposition toward the graphic arts. Her father would bring home extra printer paper — the green and white striped dot matrix kind — which Siobhan would then take to with crayons, drawing sheet after sheet of Coke machines and bubble gum dispensers. Despite her obvious disposition toward sugary treats, Siobhan was also enamored by the strong color contrasts and geometric shapes inherent in these devices. With the advent of the early Macintosh computer drawing programs, she shifted mediums and would spend hours creating fantasy scapes and abstract geometric compositions using only the “brick” fills and rules of assorted weights. In these pre-Bézier curve days, Siobhan made use of different circles sizes to achieve an altogether unconvincing ivy-draped castle look. Her mother still has a floppy disk filled with these historic creations. Later, when Siobhan enrolled in journalism class in high school to get out of taking a foreign language, she discovered the joys of the early (it was still owned by Aldus) PageMaker programs. Not that there were many. She quickly became the class expert and could solve all problems relating to overexpanded leading and pesky forgotten-about “paper” boxes sitting on top of important content.

When Siobhan entered college, she swore off journalism classes and newspaper production schedules — then promptly applied for a production assistant job at her college newspaper, The Daily Lobo. Siobhan had found a niche, one where she would spent the next three years working until ridiculously late at night to produce the student paper. Moving through the ranks from production assistant to art director to assistant news editor and then news editor, Siobhan found herself perilously close to becoming editor in chief. Fearing that she might never graduate if she gave any more time to the paper, Siobhan fled to France for a five-month exchange. While Siobhan heartily indulged in all the aspects of a student living abroad, she missed the joy of graphic design. Upon her (penniless) return to the United States, she successfully sought a number of freelance projects and began to forge a career through the creation of logos, programs, newsletters, Web sites and, the bread-and-butter of designers everywhere, annual reports. By this time Siobhan had come full circle. Unsuccessfully avoiding both foreign languages and journalism, she graduated only a year late with a degree in print journalism and a minor in French.

After college, Siobhan attempted to enter the workforce at the height of the dot com bust, sending out resume after resume to companies whose life-span did not exceed their position announcement’s run in the newspaper. Luckily, Siobhan found an extremely fulfilling position with a local nonprofit, where she happily churned out publication after publication for three and a half years. Siobhan is currently in the process of fulfilling her next personal goal — that of attending graduate school to earn a master’s in graphic design. She’s excited about this next stage in her life and is planning on graduating within the time frame allotted by the program.

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