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Siobhan has more than 20 years of design experience. She is an outstanding communicator, bringing together language and visual design to efficiently and persuasively shape interactions. She describes her design style as lively, colorful, and kinetic. She has graduate-level training in interaction design, communication planning, information design, and human-centered design methods research. She is an experienced project leader and handles complex project tasks with ease.

Siobhan currently lives in New Mexico (for the second time). She recently moved from California (where she was also a two-time resident). She has lived only once in Texas, Missouri, and Pennsylvania.

Siobhan has 3 guinea pigs (S’mores, Toasted Marshmallow, and Moonpie) and a dog. She is an active volunteer in her community. She loves hiking, weightlifting, and frisbee.

Most recently, Siobhan wrote and illustrated a children’s book, The Christmas Orange, which is about the gift of sharing.

If you’re really interested, you can see Siobhan’s older portfolio here.

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